Nelly was herself something of a Riefenstahl director, adjusting Greece to the image that the West constructed for this country. Her patriotism, controlled by her idealistic gaze, prompts her into portraying our country in the way a philhellene traveller would. The philhellenes in both the West and in Greece contrived an ideological documentation of their idealised Greece, with Aryan features, unaltered for thousands of years, found in the melting pot of the Balkans and the Mediterranean. As a unified entity, Greece was not only the product of Western material interests but also the creation of the Western cultural imagination. ‘Western’ Greece was composed through a process requiring a variety of mythologies and representations to which both photography and travel contributed. Osborne writes: ‘In short, travel photographs functioned to educate viewers and would-be visitors how to see India and produced for them an India to see.’


Nikos Panayotopoulos_On Greek Photography Eurocentrism, Cultural Colonialism and the Construction of Mythic Classical Greece.pdf



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