Gómez’s only feature film, De cierta mañera, has as its central premise the relationship between a couple in which the male is part of the secret, exclusively male, AfroCuban religion of Abakuá, and the woman a middle-class teacher. The Abakuá brotherhood, until recently, was not open to whites, and for many years it was presented by the news media in Cuba as a secret society out to kill whites. Santería (or regla de ocha) is the dominant form of AfroCuban religious expression and is a syncretic form combining Yoruba and Catholic imagery. A most common convergence in such syncretic religions in the Caribbean is the association between African deities and Catholic saints, so that in Santería, for example, the Yoruba god of thunder, Shango, is associated with the Catholic Saint Barbara and the Virgin Mary with Erzulie-Fréda, the goddess of love, and so on…

Haseenah Ebrahim_Sarita and the Revolution_Race and Cuban Cinema.pdf



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