Wolke » (Nuage) de Gerhard Richter, lors d’une vente aux enchères à Londres en 2013]

The white cube is usually seen as an emblem of the estrangement of the artist from a society to which the gallery also ,provides access. It is a ghetto space, a survival compound, a proto-museum with a direct line to the timeless, a set of conditions, an attitude, a place deprived of location, a reflex to the bald curtain wall, a magic chamber, a concentration of mind, maybe a mistake. It preserved the possibility of art but made it difficult. It is mainly a formalist invention, in that the tonic weightlessness of abstract painting and sculpture left it with a low gravity [εδώ]

Le Monde Diplo_Mai 2016_L’ art pour tous, l’ argent pour quelques uns



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